How long were pubs shut for?


Pub time lost in 2021

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How many pints should have been drunk?


HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of pints would normally have been served

How much revenue have pubs lost?

Pubs have lost over 1 BILLION pounds in revenue since 2021


What is the anticipated loss in revenue to pubs in 2021?

Pubs shut between the end of December 2020 and April 12th 2021 with an anticipated £1.59 BILLION in typical sales lost!


The UK pub going population

29.2 MILLION of us love a glass of tipple in one form or other, which equates to an average of less than 1 pint per week per person, or 45 pints a year!

29,200,000 drinkers

A cheeky dozen

Help pubs make up for lost time this year, the average pub goer just needs to have 12 extra pints over the rest of 2021.

The average pub goer will drink 33 after April 12th to the end of the year. Let’s make that 45 in total and we’ll help keep our pubs going!

12 extra pints

Will you be returning to the pubs on the 12 of April?

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When will you next visit a pub?

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