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Pubs in àIrd Dhail

Take a look through all the pubs found in Àird Dhail, Western Isles. Our list of 0 pubs is the most comprehensive list of pubs and bars in Àird Dhail.

We’ve collected phone numbers and contact details for each pub in Àird Dhail, Western Isles, where they are publicly available, to make it easy for you to arrange a great time in Àird Dhail. Don't forget you can filter for amenitys like pubs with smoking areas or pubs with views.

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58.47255, -6.32445

We have found 1 pubs in and around àIrd Dhail.

Borve House Hotel

Borve, Isle of Lewis, HS2 0RX
  • projector or big screens
  • food served
  • accommodation
  • terrestrial tv
  • sky sports
  • shows football
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