How PubsWith works is a community managed site that aims to provide the most up to date information about the UK’s greatest pubs. is here to be a resource to help the UK’s world famous pubs grow. We have created a website that is designed to be easy, and free, for pub owners to share the latest events, offers and menus at their pub.

Equally, if you’re a passionate local of your pub, we’re keen to hear what you love about your pub. You can become an ambassador and provide a description of why your local is somewhere others should experience, share with the world images of what makes your pub a wonderful place.

We launched in 2021 and have grown quickly with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, our pub web pages appear high up in Google’s results, so your potential customers find your pub page efficiently with

As a pub licensee or owner, you can:

  • Claim the ownership of the page of your pub on
  • Once claimed, treat your pub page as a central place to update:
    • The description of your pub
    • Upcoming events
    • Create an image gallery
    • Update your food and drinks menus
    • Confirm live sports shown at your venue
  • We advise you to create a unique description of your pub on your page. This will help the page appear higher in Google and help bring you more customers.

As a local ambassador of a pub, you can:

  • Claim an ambassadorship of your local
  • Provide updates on the pub page about:
    • The description of your pub
    • The accuracy of facilities and amenities at the pub
    • New and updated images that you upload

We rely on you as a community to share and update as needed.