About us

How did PubsWith.com come about?

We started out to create this website to make it easier find a pub with a heated garden during the winter months of the pandemic to enable people enjoy a drink with friends.

Whilst compiling all the pubs we could find with heated beer gardens we realised we had amassed a lot of useful extra information about all the pubs in the UK, so we thought why not make this available to everyone.

About PubsWith.com

We think we have the most extensive data and information given we have information for over 50,000 pubs and bars in the UK. We’ve also tried to make our data as easy to find via search engines, so you can get pub information as simply as possible.

Further, we’ve tried to keep the website as concise – we’re about getting you the pub information as quickly as possible in a logical way. Just search for a location and a facility and we’ll give you the pubs in that area with your desired facilities.

We’re hopeful pubswith.com enables you to easily find a pub to your needs. No more trawling google and review sites to find out whether a pub has a beer garden, or a dart board, or a pool table. Just visit pubswith.com and make a single search.